Another aspect of a piano technician's job is to ensure all the mechanical parts of a piano are working correctly. Adjustments can be made to fix issues affecting the playability of the piano, small problems can often be fixed during regular servicing. In order to bring a piano up to its full potential piano technicians will thoroughly go through every aspect of the keys and action, adjusting all the major components to ensure it is all working consistently, this is called a full regulation.

What can you expect from having your piano fully regulated? Some of the things you can expect to experience are increased sensibility, a consistent touch across the entire keyboard, increased pedal responsiveness, better sustain and dampening effect, more control, more effect pianissimo and larger dynamic range, more consistent sound and overall evenness. Fully servicing your instrument can eliminate problem areas within the action and keys. Regulation is required on all pianos to bring them up to their full potential, whether brand new, young or old.  The use of a piano will determine how regularly the instrument will need regulating.  


During a piano's lifespan it is likely to need some form of repair work, ranging from small, quick and easy repairs to large scale action, cabinetry and/or major restoration work.